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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Polish Pastry in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

In April, Roger's parents came up to visit Easter week and we made a trip out to Greenpoint, Brooklyn which has the largest Polish-American population in NYC. We had a yummy lunch of traditional Polish food (I had really great peirogi's) and then we visited this bakery to buy sweets to take home with us.

The bakery was quaint and had a lot of pretty sweets. Only Polish was spoken here, so my Mother In Law asked them if it was OK if I took a few pictures. I knew I would want to write a post about these sweets and pictures were a must!

The bakery was very busy with people buying sweets and treats for Easter Sunday. Below you can see some bunny shaped cakes on the top shelf of this rack.

We had a hard time deciding what to buy, because it all looked good - but we settled on 4 things. I don't know the Polish names for these so I'll just describe them.
This was a marble pound cake of sorts that had bits of cherry inside. Very moist and great texture.

These two desserts were sold by the pound so the ladies at the bakery just sliced and weighed the amount that we wanted. The one of the left was also a marble type cake with cherry and had a ganache glaze on top. The dessert on the right was an apricot cheesecake like dessert. They used Farmer's cheese so the texture was a bit grainier and not as sweet as most American cheese desserts. It also had a crust on the bottom and a thin crust on top dusted with powdered sugar.

Finally, this dessert is one of my in-laws favorites and something we usually look for in Manhattan at Zabar's when they visit. It's a poppy seed roll - the filling is slightly sweet but is almost 100% poppy seeds. (Have a mirror ready to check your teeth after eating this one!) It's rolled up jelly roll style in a dough and then sprinkled with sliced almonds.

We each had a "sampler" plate to try out all of the sweets! All very good and such a neat experience to go to a Polish bakery!

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